How to make the Batman Mech Helmet Prop from BvS

| diy, electronics, projects, Prop and Costume, video | No Comments

Remember when I recently made a life cast of my head? That was all preparation for THIS project.  I’ve been really interested in making some helmets for a while, more…


Batman Mech Helmet – Behind the Scenes

| Behind the Scenes, projects, Prop and Costume | No Comments
Here's a little peek into the process of making my Batman Mech helmet, including all of the troubles that it gave me. It took me four tries to get to...

How to make an air conditioner cover fence

| building, diy, garden, home, Outdoor, projects, video, Wood working | No Comments

This one is a super simple build, but makes a pretty big visual difference in your yard!  I wanted to cover up some of the utility that we have in…

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