How to make a Raspberry Pi Media Center (KODI)

| arcade, CNC, diy, electronics, projects, Raspberry Pi, video, Wood working | One Comment

Ever since I started doing projects with a Raspberry Pi, people have asked me to use it to make a media center. That’s just a little computer that you hook…


Review: Original Prusa i3 MK 2 3d printer

| 3dprinting, Crash Test, video | No Comments
People often ask me (like REALLY OFTEN) what 3d printer they should buy. Generally, I don't like telling people how they should spend their money anyway, but it's even worse...

Life casting Part 2: Pouring a head casting

| diy, Moldmaking, projects, Prop and Costume, video | No Comments

A few weeks ago, I posted a video about how Bill Doran, from Punished Props, and team, made a life casting mold of my head.  In that video, Bill quickly…

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