How to make a wooden comic box

It’s been YEARS since I’ve bought comic books on a regular basis. In college I got back into it for a little while, but before that it probably stopped when…


How to improve a closet for kids

If you’ve been keeping up with my projects for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about my kids (that’s because they’re awesome). Well, three of them are boys, and…


How to make a steel framed desk (electronics station)

So, I’ve got a HUGE list of projects that I want to make and a lot of times when I think about starting those projects, I think “it’d be easier…


How to make gliders from balsa and styrofoam using the X-Carve

When I was a kid, on occasion I would get to buy a little balsa wood glider from the gas station, and they were TONS OF FUN, for about 5…

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