How to make a floating coat rack/cubby

Some good friends of mine have brand spanking new baby boy (I’m really excited for them) and they asked me if I would make them a floating shelf for his…


How to make a simple, cheap 2×4 work table

I FINALLY got a full size dust collector (from Harbor Freight, it’s working great so far) but to fit it in my shop, I had to move a cabinet around…


3d printing with the Form 1+ SLA printer

3d printing is something that has been really interesting to me, for a long time, but really just out of curiosity. I’ve honestly never had that thought of “oh wow,…


One Day Doc: Vacations and marathons

July is exactly what I think of as "summer". Partially because we travel to see family in my home state of Kentucky, partially because of July 4th, and partially because...
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