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DIY Dust Collection System (using a wet-dry vac)

| building, diy, misc., Shop Projects, video | 2 Comments
Since I recently set up my new shop, I've wanted to add dust collection. I tried running the wet/dry vac directly to the tools, but the filter got clogged VERY...

Inside Inventables, makers of the ShapeOko CNC milling machine

| asides, CNC, video | One Comment
I got the chance to visit Inventables, maker of the ShapeOko 2 CNC milling machine, and talk with CEO, Zach Kaplan. They showed me the office, workshop, warehouse and told...

Tool Overview: ShapeOko 2 – CNC Mill

| building, CNC, diy, misc., projects, Shop Projects, video | No Comments
A few months back, I made the leap into the world of CNC machines.  I spent a lot of time looking at different options beforehand and comparing costs. The ShapeOko...

How to make a (NOT RUSTIC) bench from reclaimed pallets

| building, diy, projects, video | 3 Comments
I've made a bench from pallets before, but this time, I was commissioned to make four of them, so I thought I'd make them differently and more refined. I wanted...

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