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How to make a pocket notebook

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These notebooks are REALLY simple to make, and are pretty inexpensive. I've used notebooks like this for quite a while to sketch out ideas (the graph paper is great for...

Maker Faire Atlanta 2014: A recap

| adventure, asides, CNC, design, diy, Maker 101, misc. | 4 Comments
Maker Faire Atlanta was this past weekend and I'm still kind of reeling from it! It was a pretty amazing weekend, and something I will probably never forget. It was a...

BrainPick with Izzy Swan – 10/21/14 9:30pm EST

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Don't forget, the next episode of my live Q&A show, BrainPick, will be on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 9:30 EST with special guest Izzy Swan!! Izzy is a super nice...

How to automate your dust collection with an Arduino

| building, diy, electronics, misc., projects, Shop Projects, software, video | One Comment
While this project may be pretty specific to me, I think the general idea could be easily applied to anything that you would like to automate! It's really pretty simple,...

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