ILTMS PROJECT: How to make cornhole boards

Some friends of mine asked me to make them some cornhole boards recently, and I was happy to do it! This is a really simple project, but it’s a fun game, and a great thing to have around for parties. My kids LOVE playing as well, so I’ll probably end up making myself a set […]

ILTMS PROJECT: How to make a longboard

Earlier this year, I was able to go to the Mini Maker Faire in Atlanta. There were lots of cool things there, but one thing that really stuck out to me was a guy who made longboard skateboards out of vintage wooden water skis. They were gorgeous.. I immediately had the idea to do something […]

ILTMS PROJECT: Reese Custom Media Cabinet

Recently, some good friends of mine moved into a new home. They went from a TINY apartment, to a nice sized house and  had a lot more space to  utilize. They had been looking for a media cabinet to set under their wall mounted TV, and they asked me if I’d be interested in building […]

ILTMS Project: Lumber Storage Cart

Lately I’ve been using lots of pallets to make things like benches, floating shelves, and trays (some of which are for sale!!) Part of using pallets is that you have to disassemble them and you end up with lots of wood to store. So, rather than stack the wood in front of my house (sorry neighbors) I decided […]

Building a Mac Pro Hackintosh for $1000

So, here’s something really exciting, a GUEST POST! Today’s guest author is Jonathan Forby, an extremely good friend and business partner of mine, and the designer of the ILTMS logo! Enjoy! – Bob “How hard could it be?” That’s where this all started. This was the question on my mind as I found myself in […]

ILTMS Project: 4 Color Screen Printing Press

After doing the screen printing how-to, I started looking into multiple color printing, which led to the need for a printing press. Although it is possible to print multiple colors (1 color per screen) without a press, it’s very difficult and will probably have very inconsistent results. Personally, I knew that I’d never be likely to […]

Thoughts on support

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read this, even though it’s obviously not a project post. I’ve had some stuff on my mind lately, and wanted to share my thoughts and ask for your feedback, and help. This blog is run, after all, by a person. So, why not get a little personal? […]