How to make Four-in-a-row (Connect Four)

Four-in-a-row is one of those games that you play with just about any age child, and they can play competitively. My kids really enjoy it, and since we play it...

How to assemble the X-Carve 3D carver from Inventables

I’ve been working with the guys at Inventables on some things lately, and have been more and more impressed with their purpose and just how much they care about enabling…


Maker 101: Understanding circuits

Maker 101 is back! This series is aimed at anyone who is just getting started in making and DIY. No matter what you’re interested in, getting familiar with basic terminology…


How to mold and cast an action figure

Mold making is yet another thing I’ve had tons of interest in for a long time, but have never really done much of it.  The one occasion that I tried…

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