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How to make a (NOT RUSTIC) bench from reclaimed pallets

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I've made a bench from pallets before, but this time, I was commissioned to make four of them, so I thought I'd make them differently and more refined. I wanted...

How to build a wall

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Not too long ago, I finally decided it was time to build a dedicated shop. For the past six years, my converted two car garage was one big space that...

How to make an iPad “cash” register

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On July 12-13. 2014, I'll be a part of a "pop-up" shop at West Elm in Atlanta, GA. This will give me a chance to sell some of the stuff that...

How to make a clock

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I’ve been wanting to make a clock for quite a while. I bought a simple clock kit almost a year ago, and it’s been setting on my workbench ever since. Recently, I...

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