How to add a snorkel to a Land Cruiser (FJ80)

A couple of months ago, I purchased a “company car”, a 1992 Land Cruiser. I’ve been EXTREMELY happy with it so far, and have been itching to make it my…


How to make magnetic hexagon coasters

I’ve been needing to make some coasters for a quite a while, and while cutting some simple squares would be really easy.. it’s not very interesting.  I wanted something a…


How to make giant lightsabers

There’s not a whole lot to say here… I mean, they’re GIANT LIGHTSABERS!! Why, you might ask, would someone make these? WHY NOT?!    Actually, the truth is, a company…


Maker101: What is an Arduino?

The Arduino is one of the things that gets talked about A LOT in "maker" circles. It's used in all sorts of projects by all sorts of people, but I'd...
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