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How to make a backyard zipline

| adventure, awesome, building, diy, home, parenting, projects, video | No Comments
I've got young kids, and we're constantly looking for fun things for them to do, and ways to keep them active (and burn off a crazy amount of energy). Our...

ILTMS interview on Listen Money Matters podcast

| asides, misc. | No Comments
I got contacted recently to do an interview with the financial podcast, Listen Money Matters, which seemed like an odd fit at first.  After listening to the podcast I got...

How to make a wooden digital clock

| building, design, diy, home, projects, video | No Comments
I've seen these types of clocks before, but never really thought about how they were made. Recently, it hit me.. VENEER! I spent quite a while trying to find a...

DIY Dust Collection System (using a wet-dry vac)

| building, diy, misc., Shop Projects, video | 5 Comments
Since I recently set up my new shop, I've wanted to add dust collection. I tried running the wet/dry vac directly to the tools, but the filter got clogged VERY...

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