Make a Hardwood Planter & 3d Printed Pencil Base

| 3dprinting, awesome, design, diy, garden, projects, Wood working | No Comments
It's spring time and for many families that means random flowers, plants, and succulents popping up around your house. My wife wanted to display her garden in a fun way…

Updating a Room with a Giant Wall Mural

| awesome, diy, home, misc., projects, Renovation | No Comments
With the addition of the custom ping pong table, the shop's front room is almost finished. The bare concrete walls really needed something eye-catching to bring the rom together, so…

Infinity Gauntlet Salad Tongs

| adventure, awesome, building, design, diy, home, projects, Wood working | No Comments
Recently, my wife asked for a nice set of wooden salad tongs. That seemed easy enough, but as I tend to do, I went a little overboard.  (more…)

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