Turning an Attic into a Closet/Playroom

| awesome, building, design, diy, home, kids, projects, Restoration, video | No Comments
We're back in the boy's room upstairs again! This time we're going to be knocking a hole in the wall, into the attic to add a closet and playroom. (more…)

Varnish // Bits

| Bits | No Comments
In this episode of Bits, we're discussing varnish and protective finishes that you can apply to your completed projects. It can though, be quite confusing when trying to decide on…

How to Make a Giant (100ft) Slip N Slide

| adventure, awesome, building, diy, garden, home, kids, projects | No Comments
It is getting crazy hot here in Kentucky, and with the summer in full swing, it is time to make a huge slip n slide.  (more…)

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