How to Make a Walnut and Brass Coat Rack

| awesome, design, diy, Furniture, home, Metal work, projects, Wood working | No Comments
Long ago, before I put my projects on YouTube, I made a $10 Coat Rack from some simple Anna White plans, unfortunately that coat rack didn't survive the move to…

How to Turn a Kids Drawing into a 3d Printed Toy

| 3dprinting, awesome, design, diy, kids, models/toys, parenting, projects | No Comments
My son Hawk loves to draw. He is always drawing cool robots and I archive them on a separate Instagram account. Recently he and I have dabbled in 3d modeling…

How to Make a Map Cabinet

| awesome, building, design, diy, Furniture, home, projects, Wood working | No Comments
My brother and sister-in-law own a photography studio and they print all of their portraits in house. I was asked to make a cabinet to hold the prints that are…

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