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I’m getting older, but definitely not too old to start skating again after 20 some odd years (well, maybe I am).  Regardless, I’ve got young kids who are beginning to show interest in skateboarding and have been daredevils on their bikes for some time.  We recently bought one of our boys a real, non-kid skateboard for his birthday.  This was enough for me to bite the bullet and start building them all a small ramp to learn on.
There’s a lot of danger in skateboarding, and riding anything on ramps, so obviously every parent has to decide when they think their kids are ready for it.  Personally, I know my kids are a tad young for it, but I think that gives me the chance to spend time with them, helping them navigate the skills they have to learn to ride safely.  Plus, it gives me a chance to keep myself young 🙂

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  • Awesome one, Bob. I have fond memories of building ridiculously large skate ramps as a kid. Even built a massive platform to drop into a small dirt course for our mountain bikes. We built the ramp so steep that I was too scared to go down it, hah. This was in the backyard of a house I was renting during college, and I have less fond memories of having to take the platform apart when I moved.

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