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In my old shop, I never really had room for a proper miter station. I dealt with it but also ways to move things out of the way to cut an 8′ piece of material and come up with creative (and some times dangerous) stop block situations. In the new shop, I have plenty of space, so it was time to make a dedicated place to use the miter saw. I didn’t want to go overboard with storage or complexity and wanted it to still be relatively compact. I also had 2 days to build it in between projects, so it had to be simple.The only real requirements for me were that it had to be cheap, easy, fast and it needed a sliding stop block system. I think I hit all of those points while still getting a solid work surface that has PLENTY of space for future improvement in the form of storage. There is space above and below to add storage and the simply dust collection ports help keep the whole area clean.

Check it out, and if you want to build you own, click below

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  • Protect Your DIGITS Creations

    Hey Bob
    I have built mine already but you have given me some GREAT ideas of how I will tweek it .
    Thanks and remember Protect Your DIGITS

  • David

    Hey Bob:

    Thanks for the ideas here, I’d like to build this. Quick question though — I have a 2 car garage with a 4’x12′ nook extending out on one side. Assuming the miter saw is in the middle of that 12′ wall section, will having 6′ of clearance be enough room? Or would it be better to build this along the longer sidewall of the garage, next to where the cars will park?

  • Ernie Vidinha

    Very cool, going to have to make this in my garage. I don’t have a vacuum at all, so hopefully most of the dust stays in the box and I can clean it out regularly.