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About two years ago, a good friend of mine renovated his kitchen (as in COMPLETELY ripped it out and started over, to the floor joists). I helped him a bit with the demo and while we were pulling out the sink, I threw it in my car in case I ever got around to making an outdoor kitchen in my backyard.  That stainless steel sink has been sitting on the side of my house since that day (sorry neighbors)., but recently I bought a brand new grill for our back porch.
With that new grill, we’ve been cooking outside a bit more, and I keep finding reasons that a sink would be a handy thing to have close by.  Well, I finally got around to coming up with a simple design using a white painted steel frame (inspired by my friend Josh Cox at Bricker & Beam). Also, I decided to leave the front section open, so that I could easily empty the drain bucket. However, I didn’t want to look at a big ugly bucket, and adding doors seemed overkill.  This led me to FINALLY learning the most basics skills of sewing.

I didn’t make the curtains in the best way, as the raw edge of the fabric should have been folded over and inside the seam, but honestly, I just wanted to get it done.  They can easily be replaced with better curtains if need be.

Overall, I’m very happy with this sink, and it’s a great addition to our back patio!

  • Ian Mathews

    Looks great, Bob! Have you thought about spraying some insulating foam (e.g. Great Stuff) on the underside of the sink to help with ice retention? That’s a great idea, by the way: the ice melt water just drains into the bucket when done for easy dumping. No awkward tipping of a cooler or slow drain from the tiny hole in the side.

  • Chris Houlden

    Totally impressed with the white tube/ pallet wood combo. Looks great. You could make matching patio furniture easily using the same technique.

  • Hi. Love the project and combination of reclaimaed wood and white framing. I Want to start welding so i found few good tips in this tutorial. But those blue curtains really don’t match. Maybe some Star Wars motive will be better? 😉