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It’s finally time to start setting up my new shop! Everything is still shoved against the walls, mostly still in boxes and completely unorganized. As a first step towards making the space usable, I decided to build a work table. I debated about making one large 4×8 table that could act as an outfeed table for my table saw. I was worried that such a large item would start to eat up my large open space as I really want to try to keep this shop as open and flexible as possible. On my Twitch livestream recently, I opened up the discussion for input about how to make a table more useful and modular. We had an AWESOME collaborative design session and eventually the project turned into tables, not just table.The idea we ended up with was multiple tables that could snap together (using magnets) to create a large 4×8 table when necessary, or split apart to be useful in different places or configurations.  They turned out to be really simple, really sturdy and super cool 🙂

Big thanks to my chat community on Twitch for the ideas and for generally being awesome!! If you’d like to join the live streams, check out the streaming schedule at http://www.twitch.tv/iliketomakestuff . It’s a fantastic group of people and always a good time!

  • fred osborne

    I like that way of making your work tables

  • Protect Your DIGITS Creations

    These are real handy but in a small shop I need things to fold away . But your video has given me some great ideas. Thanks ,

  • I now have basement envy, no basements in Savannah. At first I was upset I didn’t think of the hinged top when I built by most recently small workbench, it’s too late to add it now. But further thinking about how to use that space under there I’m going to turn it into a downdraft table. I can add a bottom and a hookup for the dust collector and use the bench dog holes as the downdraft system! That would not have occurred to me without watching you use that space inside the table top!

  • Matt Read

    I love this idea, I think I’m going to make some, but a lot smaller. I’m not sure about the lift up worktops though I’m bound to need to tools inside whilst working on top 😂

  • bryan may

    Great project! My wife loves doing jigsaw puzzles, and I want to make this for her. I think I’ll add a lip on the hindged edge so she can lift the top without the puzzle sliding off. Thanks for the great videos!

  • brent

    Hi, i saw your video and I am gathering the supplies to build it. I purchased the plans they they look pretty easy to follow with the exception of the magnets. Can you let me know how may are required. Your video shows one thing and the plans kinda show a different thing. Thanks, and I am excited for the build.

    • Awesome! I don’t think there’s a right or wrong with the magnets, I just ended up putting one at the top and one at the bottom because my 2×4’s were so warped. Placement is dependent on where you need the connection reinforced.

  • Jeremy Carlsten

    Hey Bob, I’ve gone through a few iterations of my new work table design. starting with a paulk style workbench and now I’m leaning more towards this design. I was thinking about putting my table saw into one of the smaller tables. It’s one of those sketchy light cheap ones. Do you think the magnets would be strong enough to hold together as an outfeed table/wing for the saw? Or do you think the vibrations will shake them apart mid cut causing some kind of unfortunate accident….

    • I think the magnets would be enough but if they weren’t, you could just clamp the legs of those tables together temporarily.

      • Jeremy Carlsten

        Awesome thanks. I was just rewatching the video. You were talking about power and it would be cool of you used metal contacts in the tables to provide power to the other tables…. Not sure about all the logistics, like what happens when two tables are plugged in and connect (zap?)