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I’m a HUGE Star Wars nerd.. in case that wasn’t obvious.  With Rogue One coming out next week, I’ve been consuming every bit of Star Wars info and photos that I can get my hands on.  Early on in the movie promotion, they released an image of three new storm trooper helmets that would be featured in this new movie outing.  All three were cool, but one really caught my eye.. the Shore Trooper. I’ve been really interested in making props lately, so making a Star Wars prop seemed like a pretty logical next step.
Since I already made the Batman helmet using eva foam, I decided to make this one with 3d printing.  This also gave me a really good reason to learn Fusion 360, which I’d been keeping at arms length until now.   All said, I probably put in 40-50 hours of modeling for this project and I still see lots of things that could be improved in the model to make it more accurate.  As with all projects, there could always be more time spent modeling, sanding, finishing, polishing.  Regardless of that, I’m EXTREMELY happy with how this thing came out.  Honestly, the photos and videos don’t quite do it justice in my opinion.  This MIGHT be my favorite thing I’ve ever made!

Go check it out!

I know people will ask for me to release the 3d files, but I currently don’t plan on doing that.

  • Mathieu

    Hey Bob, that’s really fantastic! As I try to be a loyal watcher and follower, do you think you will be able to make me a Chritmas gift^^?
    Actually, I planned to be disguised for Xmas Eve and that helmet would be a super fit…I am using UM2 as well.
    I could understand if no sharing, I know this is a huge work.
    Keep in mind that I am working at Creaform company which is manufacturing probably the best 3D scanners over the world – That would be my pleasure to help you on a 3D digitizing project…:)


    • Ha! 🙂 Unfortunately I can’t make you one for Christmas but there is a much more screen accurate version on Thingiverse already, so you should definitely check that one out.
      Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  • paul tandy

    Hi Bob,
    Merry Xams from the UK.
    I follow and watch your videos online.
    First let me start by saying I really appreciate your work….. The quality and detail is always 1st class.
    Do you plan on sharing/sell 3D print source STP files for the Shore Trooper helmet?? I don’t have access to an CAD type software, but of mine is getting a 3D printer for Xmas, and we would like to make some coll stuff over the holidays:)


    • Thanks so much Paul! Currently I’m not planning on releasing my files but there is a much more screen accurate version on Thingiverse already, so you should definitely check that one out. Good luck!

  • Julien

    Hi Bob,
    First of all … WOAUW what work on this helmet !!
    3D printing is stunning and your painting with retouching … worthy of the great “brands” that make the helmets S.W.
    I do not have the skills and the material to take care of 3D printing, I do not know anything else. Have you ever considered selling your 3D printing for this helmet?
    Would it be possible for you? And send it to Europe?
    I am very interested if possible! Just 1 helmet recess.
    (Text translated with google because my English is rotten …)

    A hello from Belgium!

  • JGDeRuvo

    Any chance you’ll share the 3D Model?

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  • Andrew NZ

    Hi there, I actually really enjoyed your video and your helmet compared to the others is better 👍. Also did you attempt to do the amour as well? Cheers from NZ

    • Thanks! I’ve just started the printing process for the armor and it will take a very long time. I’ll be posting on it in the future, but it will be a while.

  • Douglas Murillo

    Hey man! I just watched your awesome Shore Trooper thingy and was wondering what filament you used exactly, I saw you linked to the place where you can buy it, But nothing like ‘I used ABS or PLA’, I have everything I need for a comic-con, I’m just about to start printing when I realised I didn’t know what filament you were using, So if you could get back to me as soon as you can – That be great!

  • Ross

    would it be possiable if you realsed/sold your design, i dont have a 3D printer and outsourcing 23 part (from thingverse) would cost a fortune, but 12 parts might be alot cheaper, just wondering thanks
    Great Work BTW

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