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I’ve made a bench from pallets before, but this time, I was commissioned to make four of them, so I thought I’d make them differently and more refined.

I wanted these pieces to not be “rustic”, but rather nice pieces of furniture, made from reclaimed lumber.

Check out the video below for how I did it, and leave a comment if you have any other ideas for how to make furniture that’s “reclaimed, not rustic.”

What you need:

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  • Adam

    Hi – this is Adam – I just subscribed to your YouTube channel and I am a new woodworker.

    I would grade myself as an amateur and have been building up skills. I was watching your video and surprised to see that your table saw looks to be the same as mine – Craftsman 10″

    I really liked the jig you had set up to make cuts on larger pieces of wood – how do you set that up to fit in the mitre slots? I think one thing that limits my accuracy is that the adjustments are not as fine on this particular saw as other more expensive models.

    Thanks for the videos I will be sure to keep watching


    • Adam

      I took a screen shot of the particular jig to clarify what I was talking about but don’t see a way to post it here

    • Bob

      Hey Adam! I believe you’re talking about the crosscut sled? It’s a little tough on that saw, because the slots for the miter gauge are on the extension piece, rather than on each side of the blade like normal. That caused me to build the sled with rails under it that fit snuggly around the center section of the saw, and not even worry about trying to use the slots. I don’t have a how-to for that particular sled, but if you look up “crosscut sled” by Jay Bates or Steve Ramsey on Youtube, you’re sure to find some excellent directions for it. You can just modify it to ignore the slots, like I did. Good luck!

  • Hi Bob,

    Do you have any plans for the bench? I know you’ve had plans for other projects like the serving tray and I’d love to make a bench for my house but I’m not sure of the dimensions.

    • No, I never made plans for them, but I’ll put it on my list. I’m going back through some old projects and making plans.

      • Loran Briggs

        update? thinking of making one similar and was curious on dimensions. Maybe even some rough ones would be nice. Great bench, love your work.