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#015 | Bill Doran (Punished Props)

January 8, 2016 4 Comments

Show Notes:

Bill Doran is a prop maker, cosplayer, and space gun enthusiast! He’s made all sorts of costumes and prop weapons and is a wealth of knowledge (that he freely shares) for all things prop-making!

I’ve wanted to have Bill on the show for a long time, and we finally got it together..  what a great guy, and a good conversation!

I hope you enjoy!

Be sure to check out Bill’s work

Punished Props

Punished Props on YouTube

  • YES !! A new BrainPick 😀
    Thanks Bob and Bill !

  • I’m so happy to see one of these in my feed. I love Brain Pick. I hope you do more of them this year. Even if it’s not on a regular schedule. Good job! Great episode to you and Bill!

  • Marc Ballandras

    Awesome, a new Brainpick episode, yeeha ! And I been watching Bill Doran’s videos a lot in the last few days, trying to make up my mind about how to light my workshop for videos… so really Bob, I’m happy you’re relaunching Making It, so we get some insight into some of the remarkable maker personalities on YT. I really discovered the badass depth of Mark Spagnolo, the endearing quirks of Frank Howarth or the stern mood of Steve Ramsey. Making it is and can be a very valuable stone in the Z-axis knitting of the maker community, if you get my drift (from France).
    So, please, keep on trucking !

  • Ilan Orzech

    Bill is how i got introduced to you. It was from the 3D printer stand build