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#016 | Laura Kampf

February 29, 2016 8 Comments

Show Notes:

Laura Kampf is a maker from Cologne, Germany who works in all sorts of materials. She’s a metal worker and wood worker, among other things and has recently taken to YouTube to show off her creations as a way to gather potential clients for commission work.

Be sure to go check out her YouTube channel

Also find Laura on your social network of choice!




  • Robs Appelman

    Nice interview, interesting topics,
    i will be meeting Laura and April next monday in Cologne, looking forward to it.

  • Lets Prep ENG

    Very cool interview, I’ve been following both of you for a while now. I think it is a very cool move from you (Bob) to support Laura by featuring her on your podcast.
    Cheers Alex
    PS: Someone else you might want to talk to could be Giaco Whatever (DiMuro) who also has a great visual style and cool projects.

  • ecalzo

    Yeahhhh… Laura .. wonderful achievement … thumbs up from a friend (ecalzo) in italy …

  • Super awesome job from both of ye, as always!!!

  • Get Hands Dirty

    Such a nice episode! Laura you are an amazing person and maker in general and I’m so happy for being around! Such a nice conversation and I laughed a lot about the Flash Dance movie part, ahah. Also, thank you for mentioning me but well, it would be impossible not to give you a push to get into the video making after seeing just a little bit of what you are capable of and knowing how passionate you are about it all! 🙂 Nice to hear you too Bob, see you guys! – Cris

    • Cactus Workshop

      Cris is mentor stuff! Bob, when are you having her in brain pick? 🙂
      Loved the Goonies asian guy comment! I felt the same haha! nice episode!!

  • Michael Henriksen

    Interesting topic re. maker loneliness. I live in a very remote location and there is no one around to talk to about ideas. Getting a hold of materials can also be a challenge. When I show people what I do I mostly just get blank stares. Not easy being the only nerd in the village. Doesn’t stop me of course 🙂 🙂

  • ManCrafting™

    Grace to mess up, that is exactly the thing that I liked about your channel Bob. I am pretty much the same way. I’d love to never make mistakes… but that is not reality. CocaCola4653!